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Whispering with John

Updated: Apr 8

Meet John - A stunning 17 hh, one of my first 'big' horses I worked with that had behaviour issues.

I had only worked with Ponies up until this point, but with what I had learnt, the principles should have been the same. Plus the bigger they are, the more gentle they are.

John's owners spoke with me about the difficulty they were having with John. They purchased him just to get him out of the circumstances he was in, but he had issues especially with men. He love escaping fields easily clearing a 4 foot fence in a single bounce from standstill.   Head shy, uptight, hates farriers, hates loading. He threw his rider really badly then reared and threw himself onto his saddle. Health checks were done before any training started.

Day 1 Nervous and unsure:

Moves straight to the back of the stable when entering. Jittery on leaving the stable and walking around to the indoor school.

After 2 weeks training, he's now staying in his own field. He's less spooky. He's relaxed! He listens!

John after 2 weeks. Relaxed and trusting. This horse has been a 'problem horse' for years.

He loves water anyway, this is to show his relaxed attitude to follow.

A beautiful horse.

Some who have tried to watch what I'm doing with the Horse Whispering, have not understood what I am doing, confused if I'm just walking with the horse but they're not fully looking at the communication going on between the horse and myself, it's non verbal and involved every movement of my body, head, ears and eyes.

Building trust is always the best way, but trust building can be slow in some people's minds. But the rewards that come from that trust are long lasting.

It was these early days of training other people's horses that made me realise that there was a communication issue between horse and owner, this desire to find that gap led me on the path to eventually creating the book The Equine Semaphore Code - the horse talks back. A unique book with the first coding system in the world based on my BSc research study into the horses ears and how they communicate using them.

Trust me, it is not just ears back they are angry and ears forward they are alert. With the potential for over 52 different ear movements and actions possible, The Equine Semaphore Code opens the path for more about not just horses, but all animals with the upright ears and how they communicate.

Order your copy today via :

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Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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