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About Meljay Turner

Life is a journey, but do you know where it is taking you?

With the way my brain works, I have the ability to see finer details than most. I was able to pinpoint areas in client's websites where they were being let down by their current designs. Because I had previous experience in web design, for my personal use, I was able to examine the websites, analyse their systems and produce reports for how it should be improved and what was not currently working. This was done behind the scenes and typically in a Wikinomics format.

In 2009 my mission evolved from 'Moderation of Social Media Accounts' to 'Moderation of Social Media Accounts and Systems Analysis'. I used my client's websites frequently, to extract information for content and advertisements, and had access to their background programs to monitor the analytics. This was a very big lesson for me and I added this to my tool kit with means to learn everything about the client's companies and give them an advantage in growth. Part of my journey through it changed and I found it was not something that could help everyone and I wanted to do something that could be of benefit to everyone. 

All that I had learn in not only life but also business, led me to taking on a business success mentor Darren Hardy and follow his principles to become successful in business, habits, routines, tracking and consistency.  

I have always believed that life is a journey, one that has twists and turns, steep hills and dark tunnels that you can see the light at the end of it, but a bottomless pit sits in your way, how you overcome that is all dependant on your choices in life.

My journey has created a wealth of knowledge and experience that can last a lifetime, not only for what I do on the journey but with whose lives I influence on the way.  The skills I have learnt helped me create the life I choose today.

​Remembering always the Universe works in ways we can never comprehend, just go with it!

Remember to start the day with a smile! You just never know what it will do for you!

 Write and Sing, where will it go? Time will always tell!

Also affiliate distributor for Lily Loaf, come see articles that will help take your health to a new hight. 

Author of 

The Equine Semaphore Code - the horse talks back 

Raven, Daily and Dark Horse - living on the wrong train track 

Meljay Turner 2021

The Picasso

Business Accountability Coach

& Author

Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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