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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Writing for me is not just about one thing, my Picasso mind is always at work, so my books are things I have learnt about to share with you. 


The Books

Raven, Daily, Dark Horse Book cover

A motivational story on a journey to a path of success, but where it leads really can we really know?

What station will you get off at today?

Sleep Soundly

Sleep Soundly for the family.  Herbs to help support the families rest and activity times. 

Somewhere over the rainbow_edited.jpg

A daily journal with prompts to help you through your day. 

Our story is never finished, just keep writing. 

front cover mastering audible .png

A quick introduction to mastering your eBook to audible. 

Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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