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This mould-breaking, exciting, revolutionary book is a result of seven years' research and practical experience by the author Meljay Turner. It explains that the communication of horses is as comprehensive, deep and remarkably effective as any human language. Meljay goes into great detail about the communications methods of horses in The Equine Semaphore Code and the entire book is infused by her love of horses, and by her constant desire to find better ways for humans to communicate more efficiently with horses for a greater working partnership.

Forward contributed by renowned Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts, acknowledging the importance and relevance of The Equine Semaphore Code research for supporting non-violent training, and understanding of our horses.

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The Equine Semaphore Code

- the horse talks back

The Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code - the first coding system in the world to create a baseline method of calculating animal communication via the ears.

It was not long before Meljay realised that after watching Monty Roberts retraining a horse that there were patterns to what the horse was doing, not just with their ears but much more. Learning these patterns led to becoming The Horse Talker and creator of The Equine Semaphore Code.

The horses in the book! 

Horses behind The Equine Semaphore Code

Journals by Meljay to help you through the day.

Daily Tracking and think tank.

Somewhere over the rainbow

STORY is never finished, just keep writing!

Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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