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"Enjoy, and experience the journey,  wherever it takes you. If you fall, then stand up tall. When you are high, remember the little guy!"

Meljay Turner

"If you only want free, then you will never attain to anything."

Meljay Turner

"Dreams are not in concrete, they are in hearts! Look after yours! "

Meljay Turner

Remember your future is not written, it is decided by your daily choices. 
Choose wisely!
Meljay Turner
Bluebell Woods

"My problems are behind me,

my challenges I face!"

Meljay Turner

"People want to connect,

slow down don't pass them by,

 but keep you alive"

Meljay Turner

Too many stations, sit tight till you find the

right one for you, don't get lost 

running fast to get them all in.

Meljay Turner

Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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