Meljay Turner 2021

Riding the Entrepreneur roller-coaster all the way. 

Focused on what is important to make a difference in people's lives.

"Enjoy, and experience the journey,  wherever it takes you. If you fall, then stand up tall. When you are high, remember the little guy!"

Meljay Turner

"If you only want free, then you will never attain to anything."

Meljay Turner


Over the years Meljay has been a photographer, website designer, social media manager for celebrities and small-medium enterprise, personal assistant,  telephonist, typist, care representative, a horse whisperer, and much more.

Behind the profile, Meljay loves music, which has the power to transport us to another time and place. Meljay loves a varied amount of topics, from singing and creating music, to working with horses with severe behaviour issues.  Ever since a young age, Meljay has found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process, but just for fun and karaoke nights out, and sheer love for music.

Meljay just loves helping others and has learnt how to do that over the years, but even more so with getting her own success mentor Darren Hardy, who has taught her to succeed in life in ways, she had not considered in the past. Following training with Darren, Meljay set up her helping hand skills as a Business and Personal Mentor early 2021.

Life is a journey and we can choose what we want to be each and every day, but always stick to the habits of success and you will achieve your goals and dreams.

After many rollercoaster rides in business Meljay decided even with dyslexia, she just loves to write.


We live in a world of Social Media, come and connect. 

I use social media this way 

 Twitter for fun and motivation

Facebook for connecting with high achievers

LinkedIn for connecting with businesses

The Picasso

Author and more...

Just loves to sing and write!

Meljay Turner 2021
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