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Thank you for your order!

Thank you for ordering The Equine Semaphore Code - the horse talks back. 

Your order will be will you in 48 working hours, along with your instructions what is required for your video footage to be assessed.

If what you are struggling with your horse cannot be assessed with the first video footage, then I offer either in person visits or addition video support at 50% reduced price, for 6 sessions. All in aid to help keep costs as low as possible for you.  Remember, what could be miscommunication with your horse will be connected with something from its past that you might simply be replicating without knowing.  The more handlers/owners a horse has had, then more potential behavior issues there could be! 

Don't panic! It is possible to resolve!

To your Success


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The Equine Semaphore Code - the horse talks back by Meljay Turner on Apple iBooks

Remember we all have "Our Story"

I would love to know your horse story, what got you into horses, horses you've managed over the years, and communications that you have found of value with your horses partnership. 

Just drop me a private email at 

To your Success


Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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