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Work from home mums and sleep!

Updated: May 27

Having been a mum to three over the years it can take its toll with the lack of sleep that happens when you are caring for the family. This generally means we feel shattered all the time. When you add home education into the equation, it is essential that you find some pattern to help make up for lost sleep, we all have the ability to catnap and it is a beneficial way to compensate for some that you have missed.

I found as the children were growing up their sleep patterns and wake up times were all different, so I would get only around 4-5 hours sleep a night. But when they rested or napped in the day or went to school, I would grab an hour of deep relaxation, setting the alarm for the eventual REM sleep that did come during the nap. That method of sleep still works for me, but it wouldn't for many, however if you are feeling you can't sleep at night, remember cat naps will help in the day too!

What got me started on finding #AWayForward and thinking deeper for myself was listening to my success mentor Darren Hardy, I can not believe that I actually took advice from a man after two divorces I was quite happy saying no, but what he said made sense, and my instilled behaviours from having the children around started to change to better patterns. Not just that but I also found out a lot about who I was too! I found I could stand up and say no louder and when the world is full of distractions and things to pull you around, finding out who you are and knowing that the word No is a powerful force to your life. Things in life change for the better.

My book Sleep Soundly will help guide you to natural remedies to help you and the family get a good nights sleep.

This journey took me to South Beach Miami. Where will life go next?

Meljay Turner and Darren Hardy - South Beach Miami New Years Eve 2019

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Meljay Turner
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