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When the world stops, it is time to think!

Updated: Apr 14

Although I wrote this whilst I was infected with the COVID-19 virus, I am going to leave it on my blog. Lessons are learnt at every step of our lives, and when the world stopped it was time for everyone to rethink about where they are, and where they are going.

Many of my blog ideas stem from watching the daily motivational videos each morning, they make us stop daily to think about what we are doing with our lives. You can find many online, just search motivational videos. I have dyslexia that I forget things quickly as much as I try to remember, so I write blogs to share. I hope this one is of value to you! Remember there is always a way forward, we all have to be responsible for our action.

Like many things in life becoming successful at whatever level you believe to be success, requires just one really good thing in your life HABITS, and it is poor habits the world lacks these days which set the whole world in crisis and shut down during 2020-2021. Poor hygiene - wealth has nothing to do with it, be it rich or poor habit that the world seems to have forgotten - WASH YOUR HANDS and that means with SOAP and at least for 15 seconds to 'kill' the germs that you have on your hands after you have been to the toilet, and when you cough do it into a tissue you don't have to share it with the world.

When my grandchildren (which I do not have yet at age 52) ask me what did I do when the world shut down with the COVID-19, I will tell my grandchildren I stayed in because I had caught the virus, I was foolish enough to choose to go the karaoke bar for an 'hour' bit of fun instead of staying at my home location. Just that ONE LITTLE THING the keyword I missed was STAY HOME, and for that I ended up with Covid and I washed my hands!!

You all see it, popping to the 'public' toilet and either walking out without washing hands or just flash their hands for a sprinkle of water to make it 'look' like they have washed their hands! Guys, we are spreading the virus through a simple habit that we should all have been doing.

The world is panicked because of watching the many social media feeds targeting their screens that encourage panic, this is also man-made, but we can do our part by helping share positive messages and encouraging others around the world to shine out like a #BeaconofHope.

When things like this happen on a global scale, it draws leaders to the fore be it they rich or poor, it will be these 'leaders' that will continue to encourage what comes after a global shutdown.

But unlike many things in life, I cannot take 100% responsibility. Yes, that I went to the bar because I felt well without carrying a virus, however, I came home infected and in the incubation period of the virus became ill - and I washed my hands at after using the toilet. Whoever touched the microphone before me who had the virus, who chose to attend the same karaoke bar as me, be it they carried the virus but might not yet have known, or who might have had it but felt better in themselves thinking they were safe to go out now and chose pleasure over isolation, would have been the contributor to my death. I did not wash my hands after touching the microphone or touching the glass that was handed to me at the bar and I ate peanuts afterwards, whatever was on that mic or glass, went straight into my mouth! My big mistake, #perhaps

The lessons I learnt were we are all responsible for our own actions, lives and where we want to go in life. Choose carefully the direction you want it to go. Each decision has a destination and result.

Keep the Focus and Keep Smiling, there is always a way forward, we just have to look for it.


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Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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