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Stop! Before you are made too!

Updated: Apr 14

Writing this blog on the 2nd August 2019, on day 61 of a 90-day challenge to run or walk just 1 mile a day. The challenge came at a time of life that put me in hospital for 10 days, after pushing through University with a dyslexia that has short term o long term memory loss (a working progress), managing an autistic daughter who used to come to University with me and sit in the car because she struggles with mingling with people, trying to manage the horse rescue centre that we are aiming to build into a therapy centre for anyone who needs and will benefit from being connected with horses ( I shelved that idea), and much more the list got too long to publish, and I didn't want to bore you. Well, life said stop, and I had a big meltdown that put me in the hospital for 10 days, 13 if you include the pre assessment.

Refusing to have medication to calm my then hyper-manic state down, seriously it was interesting to watch dancing, singing and jigging down the corridors for a couple of days, with just total overload, it took a couple of days of no responsibility and put into practice what I had been taught by my Success Mentor Darren Hardy, to realise that what a fool I'd been all for practically all of my life.

Bearing in mind I am 51 as I write this blog, that if I manage to get to 80 years old, I'm two-thirds of the way through it. Mid live crisis or just realisation that everything I'd done in life was always for those around me, which isn't a problem I love helping people, what was the problem was that I had not done anything for myself first.

So 61 days ago, I was hardly able to walk after being in and out of wheelchairs since birthing my last daughter in 2000, as something went wrong with my hip during child birthing and I ended up walking like a penguin, then I had a flare with Lupus SLE, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis in my upper and lower back, a brain tumour, and in 2018 a fall where I landed on my coccyx that damaged all the ligaments in my lower back making my back hyper-mobile that it kept dislocating when I moved. Whilst in hospital a challenge started on my mentors Facebook page - walk or run for 90 days to keep the momentum of life going through the summer months, so I took up the challenge not knowing how long there were going to keep me in hospital, plus I still couldn't walk properly. The effect of lack of using my legs fully had made them bow as I walked. How do I now change my bowed legs to straight again?

Using my knowledge from my 2019 BSc degree on how to rehabilitate a horse, I applied the principles to myself and started a silly dance walk just to try and get the body moving again. When I was released from the hospital about 8 days after the challenge started, I'd managed to build up the silly dance walk to a good distance. At first, the hospital staff thought I was even madder, but soon saw what I was aiming to do, and all except 1 nurse who demanded I stop dance walking up and down the corridors at 5am in the morning before everyone got up. With the new determination that I had to care for myself first, including my fitness, I found that getting fit again and controlling what I needed to do became a lot easier, despite quite painful to remodel the shape my body had become.

It was worth the pain and as I write this now at day 61 (August 2019), not only am I walking again, but also running, be it slower than many runners, my back still keeps dislocating, but I'm achieving between 4 to 8 miles a day. My legs have become straight again, and I've even managed to attempt 4 foot jumps onto the sand, and there are 8 blocks of concrete seats along the seafront, which 2 weeks ago I started to aim to run and jump onto them then fly or plonk as it was at first off the other side. This week I was able to run jump up and fly off with ease the other side.

What's been great about putting me first, is the weight loss. The diet I've only changed a couple of things, no processed foods and no flour, eating healthy foods has always been within my diet, so just making those small changes to my diet and I lost 2 1/2 stone in body weight, and I've still 29 days left of the challenge. Losing the weight alone is a massive plus to how I can move my body again if anyone says it's not a problem being fat, sorry but they're fooling themselves. I've been there, done that and now the weight is coming off, I feel like I did in my 20's, I can get up the stairs without puffing and panting. At one section of the beach where I run there are 121 steps to go up from the beach to the cliff top, which have become part of my run routine.

The habits we have to create the lifestyle we have, which in turn means the lifestyle that we currently have is our fault, be it a good one or a bad one. The simple choices of what goes into your mouth determine what you will look like. What we read and fill our minds on TV, affects our habits on our behaviour again in either a positive or negative way.

I'm trying to think what was my point of writing this blog today, and as the title says 'Stop' before you are made to. As whatever we do today, will affect tomorrow. Are you still filling your face with the quick and easy processed foods that are so cheap to purchase, are you still smoking even though you keep saying you'll give up, or have you become lazy just sitting in front of the TV watching the world pass you by?

Learn how to positively change your lifestyle so that at the end of the day you can go to bed feeling satisfied that you did all you could today, to make tomorrow even greater.

Life for me has had multiple challenges that many people would have crumbled under, but I've always found, along with a firm belief that there is a Creator of the Universe that cares for us, there is always 'A Way Forward' if.... we are willing to make a change.

Remember if life is not good for you today, learn the habits that could change that all around for you. Remembering if it is to be, it can only be up to you no matter your circumstances! Much love to all who read this post, as real #love (agape) makes the world go round in a good way. Remember - there is always a reaction to our habits be it good then we see the good, be it lazy habits ie, sofa, TV, eating habits, then the results are always bad. It is our choice to make life!

To Your Success

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Meljay Turner
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