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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The recent Tweet with the Madagascar Government distributing herbal tea to fight and prevent COVID-19, I believe, is absolutely fantastic. It has been branded COVID-Organics (CVO) and its main ingredient is Artemisia, indigenous to temperate climates, commonly known as Wormwood. What I find of concern is that the World Health Organization is claimed to say “Do not self medicate”, which raises several issues. We look to WHO for guidance and support within the drug world and the medications that are required in order to help us get better, but also, their stating using herbs as self-medication confirms that herbs are medication.

Now I have not been able to find any information from WHO in direct relation to the Madagascar tea, the closest I can find is in “Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)” under the question “Is there a vaccine, drug or treatment for COVID-19?” it states “While some western, traditional or home remedies may provide comfort and alleviate symptoms of mild COVID-19, there are no medicines that have been shown to prevent or cure the disease. WHO does not recommend self-medication with any medicines, including antibiotics, as a prevention or cure for COVID-19.” If the WHO are saying we should not self medicate with traditional remedies, because of the implications of what could happen, then I seek to provide clarity on the issue.

It is because of my knowledge and experience with herbs over the years I now have a science degree in herbal use. We need to understand fully how herbs interact with the body. I've been using herbs since I was a child because my mother is a big advocate of herbs and, to make you laugh, she used to be called “Strange and a witch” because she used to rely on herbs to help to heal us, children, when we were ill, not necessarily running to the doctor for every drug that was prescribed. So not only have I used herbs all of my life, my mother has used herbs all of her life too, to help us heal and be well.

I was infected with the COVID-19 virus on the 13th March 2020 and, using my science degree, I decided to study the virus and use my herbal knowledge and skills to see what actually kills it, what can contain it and what can eradicate it from the body. I found several things to be successful, so the fact that the Madagascar Government has started to distribute a herbal tea, which can help, and they are having positive results already, in my opinion, is a massive step forward.

First what you need to be aware of is if you are already on medication, this is where self medicating can be risky. Herbs are and do have medicinal properties in them and you have to make sure that prescribed drugs, or over the counter drugs, have no contraindications connected to the herb you want to take and the drug that you are on. This is where the problems are caused, that what you are on already could potentially be of danger if you take additional herbs within your diet.

If you're not on drugs, then you shouldn't have any problems. If you are on drugs, you need to enter into a Google search the name of your drug then the word “Contraindications” and the name of the herb you wish to consume. If there is a contraindication you will find results, if not then it is safe to take with the drugs that you have searched.

Adding herbs into your diet is absolutely essential, especially during this COVID-19 time period.

What has worked for me and my studies I have listed at the end, let us heal the world together. This can be added into your diet as food to make soup, stew, curry, tandoori, whatever you want to do. A little hint there, spices absolutely kills the virus. I watched it physically, with my own eyes, from the samples that I took and with the chilli added to the mucus that I produced during the virus. I saw the chillies literally breaking it down by the hour. So if you have the virus guys, get chillies into your diet big time. Jalapenos as well, the virus absolutely hates anything spicy.

This is my personal research and it has not yet been confirmed, I tried to get in touch with research centres in order to confirm my research, but as of yet, no one has answered my messages. The data I have still needs to be confirmed but for me, I got better and the forty days worth of testing, all told, documenting up to the point that I started to feel better and the symptoms were reducing.

What was interesting, though, was I did not just test what actually kills the virus, I also tested to see what makes it worse. What is feeding it is sugar, we need to take all sugars out of our diet. This means all of our fast food restaurants people go to are feeding the virus, a bold statement when when you see how sugar progressed the virus in the testing, the I have to make that claim. Anything that has got processed sugars in, our cereals, actually, everything that you can purchase in a supermarket that has been man-made contains added sugars or the carbohydrates that are required to increase sugars in your diet. Even if you go for vegan type foods they are still high in carbohydrates, it is carbohydrates that turn into fast sugars in your body and it is these fast sugars that are feeding the virus. So don't be fooled by someone saying 'You can have this vegan pasta with chicken and it's healthy for you', when it comes to the virus, it's not.

Anything that produces fast sugars in the body is feeding the virus. The way I was able to test this was, once I started to feel better, I added sugars back into my diet, not a lot, and every time I added sugars back into my diet the virus came back. Then I had the herbs that I was using to see that is was physically clearing away again, then I added sugars back into my diet again. I did this four times and each of the four times, when I had gotten to the healing process, the symptoms came back very quickly, literally the next day after having sugars within my diet. I'm only talking about fifty-eight grams some days. That was literally a one hundred gram chocolate bar that has got sugars in was enough to reboot the virus in my body again.

The reason I was happy to keep rebooting the virus in my body is that I found a cure, along with what other Governments are doing as well and these herbal teas that are coming out at the moment. If the Governments have found out that they have a herbal tea that is killing the virus and helping keep your bodies healthy then go for it!

For herbs you need to consume at least ten percent of your body weight a day for it to have any detrimental effects on your body, however, when you start mixing herbs and you have multiple herbs in your diet then that has a different effect because the herbs start interacting with each other. What you will actually find is that your body will start to clear itself out, now when I mean your body will start to clear itself out there are several ways your body starts to clear itself out, especially if you have some form of infection or disease in your body.

The first one is incredible sweat and if you have an infection in your body then the sweat will smell very, very badly. This is also a very big sign that your diet is extremely unhealthy and that your body is trying to get rid of the toxins that are in the body.

The second is that you will have mucosal production so you will start to produce a lot of mucous. You should check the mucous, it should be clear unless there is an infection and then you are going to see some form of yellow discolouration or you may even see fungal activity within the mucous which is what I found with the COVID-19 virus, there was fungal activity within the mucous along with lots of air bubbles.

It's the air bubbles that, if the COVID-19 virus isn't maintained, leads to pneumonia and it's the amount of these fluidly bubbles that build-up which is causing the deaths in people. This is from my observations, this isn't a medical expert opinion, it is just my opinion of what I have found with my personal testing here.

I've had pneumonia in the past so I know what pneumonia is and to be producing the symptoms of pneumonia, whilst I was in the COVID-19 quarantine period, was quite astonishing to actually study it in detail and to see how it was being interacted with the different types of herbs that I tested.

The other way that the body is affected when you have combinations of herbs within your diet is it acts as a detox, so what comes out the other end of your body could be quite interesting. If you have a virus or if you have a really unhealthy diet then the toxins are going to come out of your body quite fast, so be prepared to be near a toilet. This is a normal reaction of detoxing the body and it is the way that you need to cleanse your body. thankfully everybody is in quarantine at the moment, so everybody is at home, everybody should be near a toilet anyway.

These herbs can help you if you can make them into teas, foods or goodness knows what else, get all of the family on them and this will help protect you through the COVID-19 stages. After the COVID-19 is over then keep herbs in your diet, it is medicine.

With WHO saying how the medicinal purposes of the herbs interacting with drugs and medications, that is why they have put the warning out that you shouldn't self medicate, confirms in a big way that we could be healing ourselves with the use of herbs.

I absolutely agree with that because I use herbs. I was on drugs when I was really ill with lupus for quite a many years, it was when I was diagnosed with stage three kidney disease, because of what the drugs were doing to me to try and control lupus, that I switched from drugs to fully going on to herbs. It's with using the herbs fully and taking all processed food out of my diet that's actually healed me with my lupus and my fibromyalgia. I believe, it has also stopped the growth of a tumour that I have had sitting in my brain for over ten years, which I have to have regular CAT scans for to ensure there is no growth.

So, we can heal ourselves guys, we can do it with our food by cutting out the rubbish and getting herbs back into our diet. You don't need to worry about herbs affecting you like drugs would do. We could have a drug and we could have immediate side effects that are detrimental to us, but with herbs, it takes time and process. If you are having an adverse reaction to the herbs then it will be a slow process and if you keep an eye on what you are doing and what you are eating, it will be slowly, so you can cut it out of your diet as soon as you start to recognise symptoms. From that point of view, there is no real danger.

Let us get ourselves healthy, let us get ourselves focused, let us get ourselves out of this, I'm going to call it, "crabs cage" of craving these sugars and being caught that we cannot get out of the situation that we are in, because we are being told by everybody else what you can't do. I'm telling you what you can do. You can make change and Governments are making a change too, just look at what's been produced with COVID-Organic (CVO) the Madagascar Government and the soldiers are distributing this to their people, I think that's amazing.

Here is a list of some other things that I found very helpful, I did test these out.

Herb list - I cannot detail the action it had without it being professionally confirmed, but I can detail that they had positive results.

  • Ginger - Positive action;

  • Turmeric - Positive action;

  • Cinnamon - Positive action;

  • Chilli - Totally killed it!;

  • Jalapenos - Totally killed it!;

  • Basil - Took longer but positive action, good for children;

  • Parsley - Took longer but positive action, good for children.


  • 741hz - totally killed it!

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