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All in an expression - Can you read your horse?

Updated: Apr 8

I've put together a few expressions that Pye had given over that I've caught on camera. Can you identify the different looks and what he might be expressing at that time? Can you see sadness, competitiveness, proud, happy, perplexed, submissive and affection? These are just a few of the expressions below. Enjoy!

Horse and all animals express themselves with visual facial expressions, horses have been documented in research to have 17 different types of expressions, more than us. When you connect that to their sounds, body actions you come up with a language, and one that we can learn.

To find out more, my little book based on my BSc research study goes into more details. This is not just a story but one that raises questions into animal communication and how we, the responsible owner, can help understand them more. It's not just about feed me!

In eBook format....


Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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