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There is always #AWayForward 
Always a #helpinghand

There is always a way forward, you have just got to find it!  Reading a book and trying to put your plans in to action sometimes needs a support system in place to keep you on track. This is where my Accountability Coaching comes into play for you. 

Superpowers - EQ, Systems Analysis, Observation
Core Values - Integrity, Trust, Honesty

Work with Meljay - Step 1 - What do you need, getting to know you! Please complete the survey designed to see where you are currently and how you think you need to move forwards with your goals. Just the survey alone might help you figure out what you need to do next. Click Here to get started

The Services

Dependent on your needs and budget, accountability mentorship in either group scenario or one to one, to find out what you need, please first submit the survey it will help you on your path to financial success. 


Meljay's Skillset

All the skills I have acquired over the years in the various aspect of business;

sales and marketing,

social media,

website design,

virtual assistants,

personal assistant,

professional tweeter for celebrities

and SME's

and much more along with all the personal development I have done,  creates a nice little package to be able to offer you Business Accountability Mentoring, helping you keep on track to achieve your goals and dreams. 

No matter where you are in your business, an accountability check in can help you keep on target.

Extending the larger packages helping you on a 1-1 basis keeping you accountable each month, but also providing a place for brainstorming before you need to present it to your teams or board members*. 

(*Lifetime Confidentiality Agreement)


Mentors in my life: 

Meljay has completed the following coursework with Darren Hardy Training:

  • Insane Productive

  • Ludicrous

  • eFastPass


  • 10Q

  • Heroes Journey (42 weeks live training 2021)

  • Heroes Journey Facilitator (Team Leading)

  • Business Master Class (May 2021)

  • Better Man Series

  • The Compound Effect

  • The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

  • Living Your Best Year Ever

  • The Fire Side Chat series - are you ready to be in business for yourself?

  • Persuasion

  • How to Network

  • Building a Great Team

  • The Almighty Encounter

  • Darren's 5 Favorite Interviews

  • The A-Team Values, and much more.


In addition to Darren Hardy Training, Meljay has been and active long term self developer since her teenage years, with additional mentors and research with Carol Dweck, Stephen R Covey, Jim Rohn, Kyle Wilson, John Assaraf, Will Smith, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Jeff Bezos, Nathanel Brandon, Richard Branson, Adam Grant, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Chris Voss, Joseph Campbell, Anthony D Williams, Robin Sharma, James Clear, Melanie Brown, Willaim Stanek, Eric Worre, and many more.

The greatest Mentor in life is if course our Creator and through His Holy Scriptures, which quite fascinating many modern mentors use the words but give no credit to where they obtained them. 

All aimed at creating a support package for you to help support you on your journey through life and business.  We all have dreams and goals, but sometimes we just don't reach them, Meljay helps you find out how you can!   

During 2021, Meljay is on a year long business leadership development training program, live with Darren Hardy.  Although you have missed the deadline to join Darren live, you can register to join the reruns of the live session when they open again.  The Heroes Journey.

Note from Meljay... 
With Gratitude and appreciation Darren for the recognition of my achievements through the course work! Thank you Darren, it has been a true honor to get to know you. 🌼❤

The Heroes Journey - with Darren Hardy
Meljay Turner
Creator of The Equine Semaphore Code
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